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    Welcome to the Acrid Wastelands, a bleak and desolate expanse where despair hangs heavy in the air, thick with the stench of decay and corruption. Here, the land is scarred by the ravages of endless conflict, where the very earth seems to weep with sorrow.

    The Acrid Wasteland 3 piece set includes two triangular pieces and one irregular piece allowing you to create canyons and deck your wargaming table out with the slickest mountains you have ever seen.

    These are hand crafted and painted with multiple coats of premium paints, flocked and ready for your table. Each piece is approximately 21" x 11" x 2". Due to the nature of handmade products, your pieces may be slightly different.


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    Marooned in space is a landscape dominated by vast, rolling plains of rusty red soil, with jagged outcroppings of weathered rock formations. This is a 5 piece set of terrain.